Deidra Hankins

With a rough background, she found her footing, married the love of her life, and became one of the top council members.

Elizabeth_PaperbackBannerShe doesn't talk about her past before coming to Tyler much except to say it was "rough"

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 Her and her husband joined Tyler during the riots and then fell off the radar until she bought enough property to join the council. Deidra Hankins usually competes with Charlie Alvarado for the second in line behind Mr. Mcain.

    Deidra sighed and put her hand on my shoulder. “Are you sure it was him?”
    “I was there.” My throat tightened. “I had him at gunpoint. I know what I saw.”
    “I believe you, but there are too many artifacts in the video to prove it was him.” She pulled out her powder. One from her own makeup line catering to dark skin types like hers. “And you know his defense team will use it to their advantage.” The compact’s snap punctuated the point. “Not to mention they’ll rely on the well-known fact about how stress affects the memory.”
    “Damn those glitches.” Muttering, I straightened up and smoothed out my dress. “I have no idea what to do. I know that bastard had his goons kill my uncle, and he’s out there and talking to Mr. Fulton.”


From Elizabeth: Transformation