Elizabeth WeinStein

Raised in the Northeast, no once could figure out if she looked more like her mother or father.

Elizabeth_PaperbackBannerShe was set to retire when she decided to take a DNA test, taking her down a very different path than what she anticipated.

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Born and raised in the Northeast, Elizabeth Weinstein grew up in a ultra-conservative family. Her mother was a narcissist, using religion as a means to control, which drove Elizabeth and her husband to move away.

After having trouble in a failing economy, and moving from state to state in an RV, Daniel Smith (her husband) found a job in Tyler, Texas, just before the shutdowns. Fortunately, his job was considered "essential" and Elizabeth wrote her first book and started a YouTube channel which helped supplement their income, allowing them to purchase a piece of property outside of city limits and a few rentals to supplement their income.

At which time her three children left home to pursue their own lives, one son joining the military, another son becoming a graphic design artist and moving out of state, and her daughter joining what Elizabeth thought to be a cult - causing the two to have a falling out.

After another wave of Covid, the third wave pandemic hit. No one really knows what happened, and there are a lot of theories, but it triggered a coup d'état by the military and the largest corruption cleanup in history.

Meanwhile, riots ensued, and the remnants of the city of Tyler fought against a group of rioter bent on destruction, and won. Life continued, and those who owned property in the city would be on the council until further notice.

Elizabeth and Daniel help draft a new city charter, but before they could settle things, Daniel died of a heart attack. There were no medical resources at the time to help him.

Elizabeth used what she had to buy more property to gain some power on the council, and to help the disenfranchised, using the profit from the housing rentals to build a homeless community with training and resources to help with finding jobs and coping with the losses from the pandemic.

     “I don’t know who I am anymore” I got up in a huff. “This whole time someone knew, and he didn’t say anything. Why didn’t he say anything?” the weight of the situation caused me to pause. “It's...” I grabbed my purse. “It's probably why he always worked through someone else. He knew I would recognize him!”

     I stormed out of the hut. I heard someone say something about breakfast. Andrew replied back he had something for me.
     I turned to face them. “This whole time, I didn’t know who I was…” I stopped and looked at Peter. “No one even bothered to bring this up to me when they got here.”
     "We weren’t sure how you would react.”
     “Well,” I spread my arms out, still holding my purse in one hand. “I found out anyway, and here I am! Reacting!” I stared at them for a moment. “Take me home,” I said. “I have a bone to pick with Mr. Cortez.”

From Elizabeth: Heritage (Episode 1)