Kevin (his Earth Name)

A Natisien born on Zherosha as Rhada, Kevin was raised as Amnika's (Amanda's) protectorate.

Elizabeth_PaperbackBannerThis "beast of a man" (as Elizabeth calls him) is on earth, biding his time until the Nahborians and his father come take him home. His mother, Enaenah, married his father, Nahaeda" late, and neither expected another child. He survived a premature birth, but was rather small for a Natisien. At a 7'9" adult, he's still the shortest of the giants.

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    “Hmm.” Kevin shifted and crossed his arms. “There are the elite families at the turn of the century. The Freemasons, The Knights Templar, and even your political system...” Air rushed in through is nostrils in a huff. “I’m actually not sure how many of those are run by him. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t really have to run anything. Humans will do some…” He paused and stared at me for a few moments. “Some terrible things when given the promise of more for themselves. Some don’t even need prompting.”
    I fought back the urge to say, “but not all humans,” and shifted back to face forward. I could see a line of dark clouds in the distance. “Why did you come here?”
    The door opened in response. I glanced back to see Kevin get out, and my heart sank.
    “Wait!” I got out of the jeep. “You haven’t given up hope, have you?”
    He paused mid-step and, after a moment, put his foot down. “Promise me you won’t use your abilities to fight.”
    “What?” I ran around the front of the vehicle and caught up to him. “I don’t understand. I don’t really have any abilities to speak of.”
    He whirled around and leaned down towards me. His massive size loomed over me, and I took a step back, my hair bristled.
    “Promise me.” His low voice rumbled the ground and vibrated my insides.
    “I-I,” Stammered. “I p-promise.”
    He straightened up and grunted. “You do understand how important promises are to us.”
    “Yes, that I do understand.”

From Elizabeth: Giant Problem (Episode 4)
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