Elizabeth Series

In Paperback

Elizabeth_PaperbackBannerWould you rather have a hard copy of the series? I heard you and made it so. You can now get episode 1-9 as a collection in paperback. Episode Ten is also available as a paperback Novella.

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The cover to Elizabeth Heritage kindle ebook

Elizabeth: Heritage Journey

Sixty-Two-year-old Elizabeth Weinstein, like everyone else, is trying to make it in a post-government collapse society. Things are starting to look up for everyone, including her - until a DNA test showed her true heritage.

Now, as she tries to resolve her past with her newfound future, she finds herself dealing with Nevil, a narcissistic anime villain wannabe who wants her dead. Will she be able to prove her loyalty to her newfound family while trying to avoid being killed?

The cover to Elizabeth Transformation Kindle ebook

Elizabeth: Transformation

Sixty-two-year-old Elizabeth Weinstein found her long-lost twin sister after discovering her real "otherworldly" heritage. However, there's no time for a family reunion as Nevil Kipp, a self-aggrandizing egocentric officer of a secret society, is obsessed with killing Elizabeth.